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Christchurch, OO, nz
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My e-mail address is [email protected]
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Dark Cherry SAL 4,747 / 32,860 (14.4%) Minerva's Melody 1,521 / 204,232 (0.7%) Lily of the Valley 73 / 240,000 (0.0%) QS Forget Me Not 7,184 / 64,400 (11.2%) Field of Dreams 23,860 / 111,750 (21.4%) Masque of Love 0 / 270,450 (0.0%)

What I've Been Up To

Finished Pieces

SK Rose
SK Dragon Luck
Yin Yang Dragons
Dogs of Duckport
Mirabilia Damsk Roses
My Niece Cheyenne
Crooked House Welcome
Elegance Ladies - Amelia
Flower Thread House
Linen Kate Greenaway Alphabet M
Picture in Half Cross Stitch
Santa's List
Lilliput Lane Cottage
My First Cross Stitch
Fish 1 Fish 2
The King Above
Water Break
Maria Diaz baby pic

HAED Progress Pics

QS Lucy
SK Lucia
QS Curl Up With A Good Book
SK Phuan
Anderson's Pearl Birthstone Fairy
Train of Dreams
QS Midnight Tender
Dark Cherry SAL
Moon Fantasy SAL
QS Forget Me Not
Field of Dreams
Priestess of Quetzalcoatl

Non-HAED Progress Pics

Gone With The Wind
Big Ben
TMMB Mystery SAL - as at May
Catch of the Day
Peek A Boo Tiger

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